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The location of Nshenyi Village

Nshenyi Village is beautifully located in Western Uganda. It is where the eminent long-horned Ankole are reared by thousands. Where red dusty roads lead through green banana plantations. Where the people are warm and friendly and where modernization hasn't effected the pure way of living.

   The village lies right in the heart of the rich Cattle Corridor and is often referred to as "the beacon of light"; the pacing setting example of what others emulate. Although not necessarily an original cliché of the area but often said, is that when Nshenyi village sneezes the rest of the animal corridor catches the cold.

   Surrounded by a million hills, large banana plantations and never ending pasture fields, Nshenyi offers a spectacular view and magnificent sunsets. From the farm you look right into the neighbouring countries. The famous Kagera River meanders at a distance of only 5 miles, forming the natural border between Uganda-Tanzania and Rwanda-Tanzania. This remote source of the Nile originates in the highlands of Burundi and flows its way up north, before ending into Lake Victoria. However, the official way to cross the border with Tanzania is found at Kikagate, 8 miles from the farm. The Mirama Hill, where you officially can enter Rwanda, is located at a distance of 13 miles.

Kagera River as a natural border
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Nshenyi Village
"A cultural immersion in the heart of Africa"