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History of Nshenyi Village

There are fewer places with a memorable legacy that boast such a short, yet rich history as Nshenyi Village. The village sprung up as a vibrant habitable place in the late 60s. Initially it was a game reserve that protected a rich wildlife, including zebras, buffaloes and lions. However, the poor policies of the then dictatorship government disregarded the conservation of the wild, and people replaced the animals. By the late 70s, the area was virtually, nevertheless sparsely, habited with a few remnants of wild animals. Although the animals were gone, the flora remains to-date practically unspoiled. The savannah grasslands, that flourish during the rainy seasons and blossom during the dry seasons, are as immaculate as on the day of creation...

    Just like the village, the farm also came into being in the early 70s. Construction of the farmhouse started in 1973 and 33 years later the thorough-minded proprietors are still putting the never ending, yet perfect finishing touch. There is an astounding flurry of tales about the early days of the construction of the house that would transport you back to the historic days of cave men. The rooms that pythons were thought to sleep in while builders retreated after work; the company of buffaloes in the heat of the sun as they leisurely passed the house while feeding; all spine-tingling stories that would enchant your curiosity.

    Nshenyi, like most African names, has a meaning. Literally translated it means a "sandy place". The soils are fertile enough to sustain both animal and crop growth. There are numerous crops grown in the village but the outstanding ones are beans, bananas, corn, cassava, potatoes, sorghum, millet, groundnuts and yams. There is a new initiative on a massive scale that is currently promoting the money minting Aloe Vera. This is because the sandy soils are so ideal for the thriving of Aloe Vera crop. Apart from the dominant long-horned Ankole cattle, also native and exotic goats and sheep are reared in the village. As all famous villages have, there are even a few razor-sharp-tall-talking-men who claim to rear crocodiles and hippos. People have a right to make claims and you have a right to come and prove them right or wrong!

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Nshenyi Village
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