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Amenities at Nshenyi Village

At the farm you won't find the superfluous luxury of a five-star hotel, but at the same time it offers everything you need, making sure that your stay will become an unforgettable experience!


    There is no wake up call, but instead the soft sunraises will brighten up your room and awaken you gently.

    There is no running water. However, taking a shower by using a traditional bath tub under the naked sky will make a perfect start of the day. For those who wish, hot water is available on request.

    There is no telephone or internet. Instead we offer the pleasant company of the hospitable family and advise to cherish the moment of being unreachable.

    There is no electricity. However, moonlight is supplemented by kerosene lanterns, tadobas (local lamps) and the romantic light of candles.

    There is no television. We invite you to relax in the armchairs on the verandah and watch the view of the ever fascinating scenery that surrounds the farm.

    The men’s/ladies’ rooms are indigenously designed as what is popularly called "pit latrines". You may not read an entire newspaper while using these facilities nor take advantage of fixing your make-up, but the practical nature of these indispensable places is handy.

    The spacious, cosy living room is decorated according to the native designing tastes. The big, soft couches contribute to the warm, Living roomhomelike atmosphere, while the family portrets and paintings add an extra personal touch. There is even a library with a wide choice of interesting books in different languages. The room is ideal for relaxing, but can also be used for indoor games during the day or at night.

    The wide verandah is the perfect place to reflect on the day's events or just to sit in the comfortable chairs and enjoy the view. A hammock in the cool shades of the garden will be available any time you want to witness one of the unparalleled sunsets of Africa.

    The Cultural Shack is a collectors shop, that offers traditional attire, locally made handicrafts, exclusive souvenirs… All the items are hand made and bear the maker’s details. This is intended to take out any commercial trait and make it a mere exchange of gift and money! And of course the charges are agreeable.

    Although communal (collective) cooking is the norm, there is an indoor as well as an outside kitchen that any guest can access. Don't hesitate to take a look and see how matooke is prepared. The traditional way of cooking is done by using a gas cooker, firewood, kerosene or a charcoal stove. Meals are served in the living room or, if requested, on the verandah.

    Food is prepared to the particular taste of the guests or otherwise in a traditional way. There is no better place to taste the typical dish from the country: matooke. Or try other traditional food like cassave, chapatti, posho, beans, peas and ground nuts. Also beef and chicken are on the menu, served with a variety of sauces. Dessert consists of fruit and vegetable salad or local pudding. All meals are freshly-cooked with organic ingredients, home-grown or coming from the direct surroundings.
The major drinks at the farm are mineral water, "home-made" milk water and sodas. Alcohol is not available nor is allowed on the premises.

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  The farm Rooms Amenities  

Nshenyi Village
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