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The Aim of Nshenyi Village

Nshenyi Village was born to serve you and the local community!

First of all we want you to have a truly unforgettable experience. One that lingers in your mind forever and that will be unlikely to match. Your host family at the farm will see to it that you shall want for nothing. We invite you to enjoy the serenity and comfort of the village and its surroundings. Feel home at Nshenyi...

    Secondly, your visit will contribute to the livelihood of the local community. Although Nshenyi Village is a miniature version of heaven, the people who live in this paradise do not live up to the standard... By the sale of handicrafts, the provision of accommodation, guiding services and cultural performances, the inhabitants intend to improve their standard of living.

Community tourism is achieved in many different ways, such as:

The cultural dancing groups are groups that have existed for years or just have been created. They form a channel through which monetary income is accessed by the community.

The mountain hikes are done right on the hills of the village Mpoma. The tour guides and the products on offer in shops are means through which the community derives income from tourism.

The culture shack on the farm offers handicrafts which are locally made and the sales from them goes directly to the talented creators. You will receive a unique product and at the same time you help people to help themselves!

This community tourism drive also targets to take tourists to schools within the village. Schools that can benefit from not only the expertise of the guests and their monetary contribution, which of course is optional, but also a mere visit does good to the pupils level of exposure. With an optional donation the teacher's salary can be paid and necessarities like school desks, pencils and books can be bought.

Nshenyi farm is owned by a local Banyankole family and employs 78 workers during the harvest season and about half that number during the sowing season. By diversifying into full-fledged tourism the number of employees is on the rise, employees who represent families.

Apart for the monetary aspect of this venture, inter-culturalism has more tangible benefits than can be detailed here. Exchange of ideas, meeting new people, learning from other cultures expands the horizon of the communities in the village.

Child at the village

    Every tourist is not only seen as a friend to be welcomed, but also as a person with a dear heart that, of all the zillion options to select from, they have chosen the best and certainly the most ideal place: Nshenyi village. To the village community this is the easiest yardstick to tell who has the finest taste. By coming to the village the tourists indirectly help the village residents choose to treat them with candor and respect, unlike in the main stream touristic places, because only the cream of the cream would not miss an immersion into the Ankole culture!

    Moreover, with every single visit to Nshenyi, we will carefully see to it that the involved communities share in the revenues, so that this visit will be everlastingly remembered by both the guest as the host!


"Because you cannot change the whole world,
but you can change someone's world somewhere!"

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Nshenyi Village
"A cultural immersion in the heart of Africa"