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Activities at Nshenyi Village

LISTEN... to the silence
SMELL...the freshness
WATCH... the undiscovered
TASTE... the culture


At Nshenyi all your senses will come alive!

    A day at Nshenyi Village starts with the rising sunlights, while the mist lingers mysteriously over the rolling hills. A dawn chorus of birds forms a pleasant wake up call. You will be served a traditional, organic breakfast with boiled eggs, fresh fruits, complemented by local ground coffee, tea and milk.
    After breakfast a wide range of activities awaits you. Why not join the pastors for grazing the cows, explore the local villages or climb the surrounding hills? The afternoons are ideal for taking a hike through the wide-open savannah fields. Or marvel at the shores the Kagera river, where the water plunges down into several waterfalls.
    After a full day of activities you may want to relax in the comfortable hammock and watch the wonders of the African sunset, the moonrise and the stars fall. A campfire in the evening and the air filled with traditional sounds will be the final touch of an unforgettable day at Nshenyi...


Selection of activities at the farm:

Okukama  (milking cows)

The art of extracting milk from cows. The cliché that Milkingmost people don't know where milk comes from will not apply to you when you get your hands on the succulent mammary glands of the long-horned Ankole cows. Beat the early morning mist or catch the sunset as you squat to a lifetime memory of milking with your bare hands.

Okuchunda  (making ghee)

Sit within an enchanting traditional hut while you turn milk into ghee by your own. Making gheeThis enjoyable proces takes between 20 and 45 minutes that involves physical exercise, especially on the arms.

Okusetura  (grazing the cows)

Fact: cows graze. Fact: people take them out to graze. Fact: not everyone can. Learn the skill of setting out cows to graze and all the sophistication involved. You will amazed at the complexity of this simple act.

Okweshera  (watering the cows)

There are fewer things in life, and in our culture none, that compares in delight to taking cows to the water place and engage in the synchrony of water to ichuba, ichuba to obwato to cows and so much more… Team up with the natives who make this spectacle even pleasing to the participants and have a blast.

Cows go for grazing
Away from the cows, Nshenyi Village also offers:

Cultural nights

Bask under the moonlit or starry night sky and let the African rythems take over you. Traditional dances, accompanied by the sweet sounds of guitar Cultural musicand drum, are choreographed to the elegant gait of bird and animal species. Every night non-professional natives break into the natural gift of melody and dance with the intent of sharing a treasure akin only to the Ankole culture.

School visit

Visit one of the school in the area and experience the Ugandan way of teaching. Hundreds of enthusiastic pupils fill the simple classrooms Local schooland will give you a warm welcome. Attend a lesson of English or maths, or accompany the children during their lunch break.

           Traditional cooking

We are what we eat in most ways. Although eating traditional food won't make you speak the native language straight away, learning how to make a traditional dish will go some way into helping you learn a few local words. Witness how posho is prepared on a charcoal stove and how green bananas turn into the national dish that is called matooke.

Tribe visit

Combine a pleasant nature walk with a visit to the Bahima Village. Experience Bahima Villagethe lifestyle of this traditional tribe, which has changed very little throughout the years, and learn more about where they live, what they eat and all their other native habits.

Kagera Trail

Share the permanent pasture fields with the grazing livestock and hike along the Kagera River, a natural border with Tanzania. Cows find their way to drink, while the rapids peacefully flow down along the green shores. You will find that Tanzania is just a tree trunk away! If you are lucky you might even spot some wildlife on the other side, as it is part of the Ibanda Game Reserve.

You might start your walk at the farm, which is approximately 8 kilometres away, or you can go by car and begin walking along the river. Enjoy the magnificent views while you explore the natural miracles of life...

River Kagera

Bird watching

The savannah grasslands and gentle hills boast an unparalleled richness of birdlife, making this area a true paradise for birders. Many different species of birds can be seen, including the Mousebird, Lapwing and also Ugandas national bird, the Crowned Crane, is largely represented in this area. There is even a theory that most of the undiscovered bird species are concentrated in and around the Nshenyi Village. Come and prove this theory!

Rock painting

We all leave a mark in life. Some write theirs on water, others on hearts of people. Nshenyi Village provides an even more lasting opportunity to leave a legacy beyond the memory of those who know you: rock painting. Spend a sun-filled day out in the savannah grasslands and paint your way into infinity.

Hill climbing

Rwanda prides itself as a country of a thousand hills. We got a million! Take a Mpoma Hillsnature walk on the undulating Mpoma hills that overlook the Nshenyi Village and admire the view over the tranquil country scene. The hikes vary in duration from two hours to a full day and will be escorted by an English speaking guide from the local community.

Karaya Showers

Spending some relaxing moments will be highly welcomed after a full day of adventure. You will find another delight of Nshenyi Village by experiencing the "Karaya Showers", the native way of relaxing. Restore your vital energies and see how this traditional spa treatment does miracles for you!

Market visit

Spend a day on an open market day and see how Wall Street comes to life in rural Africa! Taste the vibrant atmosphere of the colourful markets, stroll around and observe the traditional way of trading.

Markets can be visited en route or directly from the village. They are held almost every day, though in different villages:

  Monday - Kitwe (general)  
Tuesday - Kabuyanda (general)
Wednesday - Mwizi (general)
Thursday - Omukarere (cows)

Stanley monument
Historical sites

Uganda has a rich heritage of war! And no place typifies this legacy than the strategic location of Nshenyi Village. There several war remains and one poignant one is the famous remnants of the bombed-out island hotel, passionately loved by Idi Amin. Another monument that stands out in the countryside, is the pyramid in memory of Henry Morton Stanley. He was one of the greatest explorers in Africa and discovered the Rwenzori Range and Lake Edward in the 19th century.

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Nshenyi Village
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