Nshenyi Village
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Feel home at Nshenyi

A warm welcome awaits you at the charming farm of Nshenyi!

The farm is a combination of the Victorian architectural design of spaciousness and the native touch of coziness. Built in 1973 as a home for a local Banyankole family, the closeness of the rooms, the living room and the kitchen carries out the aura of family-ness. It has a distinctive rustically look with its classical windows, red-tiled roof, natural stone floor and a spacious verandah.

    The house is surrounded by 556 hectares of farming land, where herds of Ankole cows are grazing peacefully and a rich birdlife is boasted. Although boundaries of the area are clearly marked by natural fences, walking around will give you a feeling of infinite freedom...

The main house
  The farm Rooms Amenities  

Nshenyi Village
"A cultural immersion in the heart of Africa"