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How to reach Nshenyi Village

The local people know that there are multiple ways to get to and from the village, but they will not be quoted on record. Nevertheless, their unrestrained desire to please guests may humour your curiosity to the discovery of many other inlets and outlets from and to foreign lands.


    The village, apart from claiming to be the centre of the universe, lies within easy reach from most connection points. It can be accessed from Kabale, Ntungamo, Northeastern Rwanda and Northwestern Tanzania. The main way to the village however is through Mbarara Town. This again has an exhilarating twist to it. There are six certified roads that lead to the village from Mbarara Town:

There is the main Mbarara-Kabingo-Kikagate Road. This route will be dusty in dry season, slippery during wet season and excitingly bumpy all through the year. The main scenic attractions along the road are the large El Niño lake, the Kagera waterfalls and the bombed out ruins of the famous "Amin Hotel".

Then there is the Mbarara-Kabingo-Kabuyanda Road. Probably the best way to get to the village with a breathtaking view of the "million" hills. The first 16 miles of the journey are bumpy but after that it’s a pendulum swing up and down the undulating hills.

The Mbarara-Ruti-Mwizi-Kabuyanda Road is yet another gateway to the legendary village. The first half of this road is mainly an uphill flight, giving way to a spectacular on-the-hill ride. Displays of large banana plantations are the major picturesque spectacle. A minor detour that would lead you through Kikagate takes the journey to a crescendo of pleasure by giving you an aerial view of the meandering river Kagera.

The Mbarara-Ntungamo-Rukoni-Kitwe and the Mbarara-Nyaihanga-Kitwe Roads are mainly preferred for their better quality. Long stretches of these roads are tarmac and the murram bits are smoother.

The Mbarara-Ruti-LowerMwizi-Kabuyanda Road is by far the shortest in distance. Its focal element is the two rugged ascending points that put any driver to the test, leaving him or her secretly grateful to the makers of 4x4s.

The Mbarara-Kaberebere-Kabuyanda and the Mbarara-Kaberebere-Nyakitunda Roads share in most parts the features to the other routes, but their distinguishing characteristic is that without a tour guide a journey to the village can become like a TV adventure serie that never ends...

    It should be noted that the average distance, except for the Mbarara-Ntungamo-Rukoni-Kitwe and the Mbarara-Nyaihanga-Kitwe Roads, Transport of matookefrom Mbarara to the village is 58 miles. An extra 20 miles would be added if you use the two underlined roads. And noteworthy too is the fact that travelling to the village, unlike most places, is not measured in hours but in the means of transportation. For the local people there are several means of transportation available:

The Bus: Picture an old movie with a steady but worn-out looking bus. The buses in good movies always go slow and often have mechanical challenges but they always get there. And there you have the main means of transportation to Nshenyi Village. The bus sets off at 2 pm, or when the driver thinks it's 2 pm, and arrives in the village between 8 pm and 10 pm. The 58 mile journey consumes every bit of between seven and nine hours. The good people of the village have never publicly complained and they seem to find travel by bus a socially enlightening experience. The return journey sets off at 4 am and gets back to Mbarara by 11 am.

Small Vehicles: The loading capacity for these speed merchants is limitless. They depart from Mbarara for the village when all seats are crammed and return likewise. They travel most times of the day.

Of course the easiest and most comfortable way of transport is by the reliable safari vehicles of Great Lakes Safaris. Depending on your choice of route, it will take you between 1 and 4 hours to reach Nshenyi.

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Nshenyi Village
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